Renfro Corporation Receives Flags From U.S. Marine Corps

MOUNT AIRY, NC – Renfro Corporation, a global leader in the legwear industry, recently received, as a gift from the U.S. Marine Corps, two flags previously flown over the U.S. National Support Element in Kabul, Afghanistan. The flags, as well as two certificates of appreciation, were signed by Major General Lawrence D. Nicholson, Deputy Chief of Staff of Joint Operations for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Renfro was honored for its donation of 20,000 pairs of Copper Sole socks to Socks for Heroes, a non-profit organization started by Jim and Carla Hogan of San Clemente, Calif., after their son died in Afghanistan. Wishing to do something to help other Marines in his unit, the Hogans asked what the soldiers needed most. They replied overwhelmingly that they needed clean socks because of the gritty, sandy conditions and lack access to laundry facilities in Afghanistan.

“Renfro has stood beside us, not only with the donation of socks, but also has provided encouragement as we have gone down the road together to make our servicemen and women more comfortable on the field,” said Jim Hogan.

Renfro’s Copper Sole brand was chosen because it includes copper ions that help with moisture wicking and odor control. The socks also have a reinforced cushioned sole and smooth toe seam that make them more comfortable when worn in tough boots.

“We are proud and honored to support our troops who serve so faithfully in Afghanistan and want to do what we can to make their service for our country as comfortable as we can,” said Andrew L. “Bud” Kilby, president and CEO of Renfro. “We plan to fly the flags over each of our U.S. facilities in the coming weeks because we want to recognize the sacrifice they are making for our freedom.”

About Renfro Corporation

Renfro Corporation is the global leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, merchandising and selling of legwear products in North America and in selected major international markets. Headquartered in Mount Airy, N.C., Renfro provides a full line of branded and private-label sock and other legwear products and is the licensee for recognized brands such as Fruit of the Loom; Dr. Scholl’s; Ralph Lauren/Lauren Polo; Copper Sole; Wrangler; Sperry; Russell; Jerzees; Spalding; Bike; and Carhartt. It owns leading fashion brands K. Bell and Hot Sox.

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