EPA Statement Regarding Masks

Renfro Face Mask Black

Renfro Corporation was pleased to read a statement issued by EPA to the Knoxville News Sentinel in an article  published this morning FULL STORY .   The EPA issued a statement to the news agency affirming that the SilvadurTM 930 Flex Antimicrobial technology has been reviewed and tested for use in fabrics like its face masks.  Below is an excerpt of the EPA’s statement from the Knoxville News Sentinel story regarding the technology used in Renfro masks:

“EPA has evaluated SilvadurTM 930 Flex and determined that it is safe for use as a materials preservative in textiles or fabric,” according to a statement obtained by Knox News from the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

“Once SilvadurTM 930 Flex is incorporated or impregnated into the fabric, it is extremely unlikely that it would be inhaled; therefore, EPA considers inhalation exposures to be negligible and not of concern.”

Renfro has a long history of utilizing this technology and uses it in a safe and responsible way.   In addition, many other suppliers of face masks, including the US Department of Health and Human Services, (see website) utilize similar technology in their face masks.  The Company has distributed millions of face masks to the State of Tennessee and to other communities and companies to support efforts to reduce the spread of COVD-19, and it created approximately 500 new jobs as a result of those efforts.  Renfro moved very quickly to  develop and manufacture a comfortable, reusable, and affordable mask made in America to fill a critical need during a national health crisis.  It’s unfortunate that some misleading reports may have caused unnecessary panic and concern about our masks.  It is our hope that all Americans will choose to wear masks during these very uncertain times.