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For more than 150 years, FRUIT OF THE LOOM has fulfilled a promise to its consumers … a promise of quality, value and trust. For generations, families have purchased the FRUIT OF THE LOOM label with confidence. The collections feature classic and contemporary styling with comfortable, cotton fabrics and carefree, cotton blends.

We make people feel good, even a little happier, everyday.  It’s our proven formula: high quality, well-designed apparel at a surprisingly good price.  We constantly strive to improve – and perfectly blend – these three ingredients.  We call that perfect blend – surprising value.

We know the quality our customers deserve, and we combine it with:  well-designed pieces that always look good and feel comfortable.  It’s apparel that makes them feel like anything is possible.  No restrictions.  No limits.  We call it can-do wear.

We act with conviction.  We’re an iconic brand and behave like one.  We set trends.  We know what’s good and what doesn’t quite cut it.  Sometimes we take risks, and if they don’t pay off we learn and move on.

We believe in positivity.  A job well done makes our customers feel good, which makes us feel good.  So much so that we can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. This positive drive is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We’re confident, which helps us make the right decisions.  That’s why we’ve been able to create firsts since 1851 – it’s in our DNA.  We’re of the people, for the people, a truly inclusive brand for everyone.  Because of our spirit, just like our products, is warm and down-to-earth.  We’re playful, we do business with a twinkle in the eyes.  We never take ourselves too seriously.

All this makes us unmistakably Fruit of the Loom.  Getting it right truly seems like magic.

We are the can-do wear magicians.

Brand Promise:

We combine good quality with great design with a price point that seems “almost too good to be true.”  And we never forget that every time we deliver, we know we have to work on the next version of “Surprising Value” to keep our audiences excited.

661 Linville Road
Mount Airy, NC 27030
United States

P: (855) 655-8137
F: (336) 419-4537