The Sock Experts

“When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said that–he was right. The health of our feet mirrors our overall health. So when we take good care of our feet, we take better care of ourselves.

At Renfro, we believe that foot comfort starts with high quality socks that minimize rubbing, binding, and blisters no matter the activity or environment.

A seamless way to comfort

Traditionally, socks are knit in a tube and then sewn shut at the toe, creating a seam. During high-intensity activities, this seam can cause discomfort when pressure is applied to the toe area.

Our solution: get rid of toe seams.

We invested in dozens of new Italian-made machines that were up to the challenge. After some research, tinkering, and testing, we introduced socks without toe seams to our customers.

Today, we knit these socks at our Cleveland, Tennessee facility.