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K. Bell, one of Renfro’s fashion brands, has corporate offices in Inglewood, California where its Development, Marketing, and Distribution are located. Additionally in that office are the West Coast Sales and International Sales organizations. The East Coast Sales office is in the Empire State building in New York.

K. Bell Socks has a reputation for products that have wonderfully unique designs and are of high quality. The current product line has fun, fashionable socks and tights that are available in major retailers on an international level as well as high-end specialty shops throughout the United States.

Its namesake Karen Bell founded the company in 1979. Then in 2010, Renfro acquired K. Bell for its distinctive products and retail presence. Since its inception, the company has capitalized on new technology to leverage design capabilities for a wide variety of customers. Now, it has grown into a multi-million dollar business with an international customer base and a growing retail presence. In addition to its K. Bell brand, it designs private label products, both of which it distributes to all tiers of retailers throughout the world. The K. Bell brand products are in department stores, mass, large chain and specialty retailers as well as on-line at ShopKBell.com.