Renfro_Corp_Expertise_SustainabilityRenfro and its employees are committed to preserving the quality of life for our future generations, including ensuring responsible, efficient use of natural resources.

In addition to adopting a corporate sustainability mission statement developed by an employee committee, Renfro has set specific, measurable goals for company-owned facilities, and we work diligently toward meeting them through a monthly scorecard process.

In the last few years, Renfro facilities have made a number of changes that help us use fewer resources. For example, we’ve used more efficient lighting, controlled lighting in common areas, and paper towel dispensers and hand sanitizer stations in bathrooms. We have installed air wash and water recycling systems at two of our major manufacturing facilities.

With the active participation of our employees, we have successfully reduced the amount of landfill waste we generate from items such as computer paper, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, plastic tubing and batteries. Employees are encouraged to deposit used plastic bottles in large recycling drums we provide, and to bring bottles from home as well. When we have the need to add new manufacturing equipment or to replace older machinery, we work with our retail partners and vendors to order the most modern, energy-efficient manufacturing equipment available.

Renfro recognizes that a commitment to sustainability will be an ongoing process, and we encourage our subcontractors to be good stewards of the environment as well.