Market Research
Makes the Difference

When you work with Renfro, you get access to the best design, manufacturing, and packaging in the legwear industry. But the true impact of our work is grounded in market research.

Our veteran team of researchers gather information about consumer thought processes and a market of thousands of legwear products. We test new products with real people in real-world situations to collect feedback on look, fit, and feel.

We’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve become experts on factors such as brand name, quality, style, and price. We understand how consumers rank brands based on perceived value. And we know how consumers define a premium product.

Everything we know goes into what we make, how to make it, and how we market it. We share valuable information with our partners to help them make decisions about purchasing and merchandising.

We’re always looking out for our customers and our consumers. Our market research ensures a more comfortable experience for everyone.