Made in USA

Renfro_Corp_Expertise_USARenfro Helps Build Momentum for “Made in America” Initiative

Renfro has played a part in helping to revive the U.S. economy with increased domestic production that has put more people to work in the company’s Cleveland, Tennessee and Ft. Payne, Alabama facilities.

In 2013 the company began ramping up production in the two facilities, adding about 250 employees to the workforce in the two communities. They work on new equipment that the company purchased to improve sock quality and increase capacity of the plants, as well as machinery that was already in use. Since 2013, the company has committed to further invest and to add more U. S. manufacturing employees.

Renfro has been fortunate to collaborate with retail partners on long-range demand forecasts and longer-term product commitments. By working in partnership with several major retailers, Renfro is able to make the most informed decisions about capital investments and employment needs for the long term.

The retail community has set its sights to drive $250 billion in new “Made in America” purchases over the next 10 years. That’s what an American renewal looks like. Renfro is pleased to be able to participate in that robust revival of U.S. manufacturing.

Renfro - Made In The USA